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Thread: Where Are All The Old Threads in Aftershaves/Soaps and Creams?

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    I have mild-to-moderate A.D.D., with mild dyslexia. So left vs. right brain, for me, probably has a wide variance from day to day... or hour to hour lol.

    Anyway. Part of my process of familiarizing myself to a new platform, game, device, app, is to dig through most (if not all) of the settings/options menu as the second thing I do, after installation/account/profile creation. This started in my youth, looking at the control scheme/button layout of a video game in order to play it (as the youngest of four boys, I always got last "dibs", and this is how I shortened the learning curve). Later, this helped me ensure the games I selected to play on my underpowered PC would run with the best performance, and fewest crashes. Now it allows me to set privacy, censorship (when applicable), and view style (I'm a mobile user, preferring the more fully functional desktop version) of websites.

    Depending upon the type of website (forum, marketplace, communication), many have similar settings available that are common for that type. Sometimes there will be dizzying array that leads to ballot fatige, while others are very limited without you forking over cash to be a "sponsor" or upgraded member .
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    we should edit some of this subforum's thread titles with *SOLVED*!
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