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Thread: Best soap for a man who should probably pay his bills instead

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    plus all soaps are as close to you as a mailbox. Arko has been mentioned that's about as budget friendly as it gets. plus its a great performer. I just don't care for the smell. the VDH isn't a great soap but your lather making ability is more than likely the issue with it drying out. so if money is the issue stick with it, time doesn't hurt it you just need to hydrate it a little, some guys buy the vintage stuff that's many years or decades old and it still works. Rob at Stirling does have some reasonably priced soaps , buy none will be as cheap as Arko Tc
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    Thanks everyone. I'll just have to keep trying with the VDH it would seem. Im in love with the site so far, and I'll be sure to update the thread once I've mastered the lather. I enjoy a good challenge.
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    If it's drying out too fast on you, try just lathering a bit of your face at a time.
    Then when done with that part, lather the next area.

    Making lather is a basic need to wet shaving of any sort. You'll get it, it just takes a bit to master
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve56 View Post
    That's Stirling Soap Co in Booneville I believe. Stirling is a good straight razor soap and a great value. You can get a larger amount in a tub or a smaller amount as a refill. They have sales fairly often and offer seasonal scents too. And the bath soaps are good too.

    Cheers, Steve
    I second what Steve said, I just ordered several samples from Rod and Mandy.
    What a lovely couple, they provide outstanding customer service.
    Give them a try and check out their web site(Stirling Soap Co), the other artesian USA made soap is WSP(wet shaving products).
    Lee makes them in AZ, good soaps with very interesting scents.

    Good luck.
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    There are very few good soaps that are as inexpensive as arko. Also when looking at soaps if you calculate the cost per gram it levels the playing feild a little.
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