hey all, I was up late watching youtube videos {our yellow lab had a litter of puppies a couple weeks ago, and we have been having plenty of up in the middle of the nights lately} and ran across this video


so it being the middle of the night, of course I ordered a bar {is that why all the sales pitches are on tv very late at night} of the traditional spices scent. first off, I ordered it Friday night, got an email the next morning saying it was shipped, and it arrived today which is Tuesday. and that was the standard shipping. this fella aught to have a race with lynn at straight razor designs when it comes to shipping...... I bet they will be within minutes of each other as they are both so fast at shipping!

has anyone else tried this stuff? it seems like it worked really well the first time I tried it today, if a bit on the strong side as far as scent goes. one thing I really like about it is the fella seems to be a small business, and you can tell the passion he has for his craft in the video.