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    Default Irish Handmade Shaving Soap

    Hi All,

    I'm back to traditional shaving with a vengance - now shaving every or every other with vintage straights I'm learning how to hone/restore...and I have to say I'm loving my "Gourmet Shaving"

    My current rotation/accquistions of soaps are;
    TOBS Sandalwood soap
    TOBS Sandalwood cream
    L'Occitane Cade cream
    Palmolive shave stick
    Now on the hunt for soaps I heard great things about Mamabear soaps: but the shipping costs at $8 a lb to Ireland put me off somewhat. So I decided to look for an Irish handmade product. Shop local, save the planet etc. Lo and behold;

    This stuff is Irish, handmade, “We believe in using only the finest natural ingredients, making new stuff the old fashioned way” and relatively cheap (€4.50)
    The story of The Handmade Soap Company
    They seem quite new to this but all arrived promptly, I tried the soap today and it all was a bit of a suprise! (Mysterious voice: I'm not going to go into details just yet)
    In the interests of the 'community' I'm prepared to do a bit of an experiment and I will send a little sliver sample of this soap (within Europe) to anyone who will do a review here and let me (us!) know what they think of it. As anything but a lather expert I'd be interested to hear the views of the lathermeisters here. I'll post my own when the others go up. I'll then pass on the feedback to the company.

    Any takers PM me an address to send this to...(Limit of 8 please - it's a smallish bar)

    However if you are outside Europe and you still want a sample then PM to sort out postage...

    DISCLAIMER: I in no way am connected with this soap company or related to them, I'm not shilling or pimping or promoting this stuff in any way. Mods feel free to lock/delete if this gives you any discomfort (the thread not the soap!!)
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