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    Default Proraso Ultra Sensitive Skin Soap (and Proraso Shaving Cream with Menthol Uber)

    First things, while Proraso classifies this as a soap, it seems to occupy the group between soap and cream - similar in consistency to RazoRock Shaving Soap-Cream (but not exactly, RazoRock's is a little creamier and softer - but I digress).
    I normally get very irritated skin after shaving (coming from cartage shaving and using Nivia for men shaving cream), so I decided to make my first soap one for sensitive skin, and go from there.

    Now, this is my first soap, so take this next bit with a grain of salt, but it did take a little to get a good lather. If it was every any trouble, it was usually too dry. This probably had more to do with me getting the hang of mixing a good lather, but it's just something to note. I have since gotten to the point where I can get a very nice lather out of it, and should I find that it was too dry I would wash it off, leave the water on my face, and reapply the lather - problem solved every time.

    I have very little irritation using this, and would highly recommend it.

    I did also just try doing an uberlather using this soap and Proraso Shaving Cream with Menthol - the difference was unbelievable! I just put a little squeeze in the bottom of my mug (think about a dime around drop), then applied Proraso soap to the brush and mixed. Within seconds of applying the lather, I could feel it tingling. The directions on the Cream said to leave the lather for two minutes, I left it for probably a little less than one while I wiped the oil from my razor and gave it a quick refresher strop (I strop at the end to help dry it out - any way...).
    Now, I had a week of growth (busy test week, this week - and next), and for me, that means a near perfect goatee, and a bit of neck beard. I can only think it was the cream added, because my razor just sliced through it all (when normally, for something that thick, it would take me edging my way through, backing off after every little bit of progress) - even where it lays flat on my neck, that I could only get by going ATG before.
    It wasn't all roses though - namely, and I learned this the hard way, don't use an aftershave with any alcohol in it. I've been using Thayers Witch Hazel, and had nothing but praise for it. There was just a bit of tingle and sting if there had been a nick or pulled hair. Not this time. Imagine the feeling or pouring 90% rubbing alcohol into an open wound - now imagine that every pour on your face is an open would and you have some idea. I suppose it's time to find an aftershave that lacks alcohol, shame too, I rather liked Thayers (and even more so the price).

    Next soap up to try: RazoRock XXX Shaving Cream Soap

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    Thanks for sharing MBrowne. I use Proraso soap for about 8 years now and I still have to try that cream of theirs; and combining it like you do might just be the reason to order a tube or pick it up when I'm in Italy. You also could try the Proraso Aftershave Balm, also alcohol free.

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