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    Default Proraso problem!

    Hey everyone! Another potential stupid question here!

    I have only been straight razor shaving for about 2 months now. I started out using that junky walmart Van Der Hagen "Premium" (ha) shave kit. Before making a jump up to a Tweezerman brush and Col Conk Rum soap. This was working great for a while then I decided I wanted something a little nicer while not breaking the bank. So I went ahead and ordered the Proraso Sensitive shave cream and made a 24mm Super Silvertip brush. The first time I made a lather with it all I could think was WOW! I have enough for like 10 passes here! The shave went great! I liked it much more than the two soaps I had been using.

    This is where I ran into my problem... after the shave my bowl, razor and brush was covered in a sticky white haze that had come from the cream. Almost like wax when it hazes up on a car before you whip it off. I thought this was weird, maybe I just didn't have enough water in my cream... so I keep shaving. After using the cream for about 2 weeks now I am still having the same problem. It is a real pain to almost have to buff it off my razor and have had to soap and vinegar my brush almost weekly.

    My question is, well is this normal? Or could it be that my water is not acting correctly with my cream? We have pretty hard water where I live at, so it gets pretty coppery in the morning before everyone flushes all the lines.

    Either way I was wounding if there are any of creams that might not have this same affect. Ideas? What are some creams everyone regularly uses that seem to work well?


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    Quote Originally Posted by DylanMW View Post
    What are some creams everyone regularly uses that seem to work well?
    Try the Arko or Palmolive shave sticks. Both are inexpensive and will give great lather no matter how hard your water is.

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    Maybe it was too dry? Of course it'll leave a residue if it's not cleaned off, but clearly there's another issue here.

    I posted the following in another thread today:

    ...I get excellent results from several creams, but, in order, these are my favourites at the moment:

    Top Secret (excellent lather, the best glide I'd come across, cheap)
    O Melhor (excellent lather, excellent cushion)
    Truefitt and Hill Trafalgar (excellent lather, strong, pleasant scent)
    C O Bigalow (excellent lather, nice scent)
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    I may be wrong, but it might be due to hard water combined with the soap, or at least from my experience. I had a similar problem until i moved to a different state and the water quality was different.

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    perhaps it was a bad batch? I had a tub once that seemed off. If not try adding a bit more water

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