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    Default Possible Shaving Cream Allergy?

    I have been using AoS Sandalwood Shaving cream for over a year now with no issues. However, today was different. I lathered my face with the creme today and my face was on fire it still is and i shaved 2 hrs ago. Is it possible to have an allergic reaction after a year of use?

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    That's exactly what their sandalwood does to me. I've never had any allergy to anything in my life, but the first time I tried that it was like fire on my skin. Their sandalwood asb does the same thing to me.

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    As with Lavender there may be different kinds of sandalwood. Would be interesting to see if the one you just used was a different 'stem on the family tree'.

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    Anything is possible but usually if you are going to have a severe reaction it happens the first time, instantly. However it still is possible.

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    I have never had that particular reaction to AOS Sandalwood. I did, however, have it with L'Occitane Cade soap and Pré de Provence. The reaction was a very stingy sensation that took forever to go away. I did use them again and after a few times the reaction went away. If I remember correctly the PDP did not even sting the last time I used it. I am still not sure what it was.
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    If it's a true allergy, you can use a razor to do a simple skin test on your arm. I have a severe milk allergy, so I do this regularly to test food. Just sweep the very tip of a razor on your forearm so you make a light, half-centimeter long contact. (Don't go crazy - you barely touch your arm.) If you do it right, you won't even see a mark until 30 seconds later or so, when the tiniest trace of a blood line appears. You can now apply whatever substance you wish to test. If it provokes an allergic reaction, you'll get a little welt a minute or two later, similar to a mosquito bite. I have no idea whether it would be useful for non-allergy skin sensitivities, though.

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    My wife is a nurse, and she's the one who taught me that a person can develop allergies anytime in life (she has many). I'm pretty ignorant about allergies as I never had any either, but even at my age I'm starting to wonder if I'm developing allergies to certain things....

    Point being is yes, it could be an allergic reaction. Try it again and see if you have a similar reaction; three times in row would likely be a confirmed positive.

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