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    Default George F Trumper GFT vs Aptiva

    The GFT was lovely and creamy. Super, super soft. And yes, I had the argument with myself about the little plastic lid: and for those who care I toss mine. Find them irritating!

    Really recommend this - beautiful, subtle scent. I matched it up to my Crabtree & Evelyn aftershave balm (Sienna).

    On the other hand, I was walking through the central district of Hong Kong and was enticed by some very smart brand and visual identity of Apivtita. Walked in and picked up a tube of what appeared to be a nice tube of shave cream.

    It. Was. Terrible. Couldn't get a lather going without putting 10ml in the bowl, and then application to the face with the brush left me cringing. It's not back in the draw.

    Never heard of Apivita? Probably don't worry. Sticking to the favourites for me.

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    That's the good thing about trial and error - weeding out the bad products. At least your curiosity has been satisfyed and you now know.

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