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Thread: Icing, But not on the Cake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cangooner View Post
    Bags of frozen peas work really well as low-cost ice packs that confirm really nicely to the shape of one's injured bits. Just make sure you remember which ones are for therapeutic use unless you want to eat peas that have thawed/frozen many times.
    I had a four pound (1.81kg) bag I used for years and had the same thought about eating them. They had been thawed/refrozen many times.

    Curiosity finally got the best of me and I opened it up.

    Amazingly, they looked fit to eat. Being on the safe side we trashed them
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    Sorry to hear of your injury Jimmy, best wishes for your recovery. I've always found ice most efficacious when served with gin, tonic and a slice of crushed lemon.
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