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Thread: Icing, But not on the Cake

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    Default Icing, But not on the Cake

    Ice, not in a glass, or on your windshield, but in a wrap, or whatever, on an injured body part. Been walking vigorously again following a bout of shin splints, and either injured my knee walking or stretching. Too much of a good thing, or maybe I'm just getting old.

    Though I know from past experience that it is best to ice ASAP I waited a day. I was limping around feeling a pain everytime I put my foot down. A couple of hours of icing on and off, and I'm considerably better. Good stuff.
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    Glad to hear that,,,,

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    Sorry to hear of your injury Jimmy. I have felt your pain before and I have two bad knees. The best that I remember, it's ice for the first 24 hours to keep the swelling down and then you can go with heat to take the soreness out. Heal soon and well my friend.
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    I have two ice machines (Polar Care Cube) from two different surgeries, one shoulder the other ACL. For those not familiar with them they are basically like a
    small cooler that you fill up with ice and cold water. You then wrap the injured area securing it with Velcro straps, plug it in and turn it on. It then circulates ice water.
    It gets real cold so you can't use it against your skin. They do a great job and stays cold for a long time. When I had the ACL surgery I had to keep it on overnight
    and it would still be pretty cool in the morning.

    Another adventure is an ice bath. If I go on a long run I'll usually take one. Key is to get in the tub, start the water and let it run so you acclimate, then slowly
    add ice. You don't need a lot to do the trick, maybe a couple bags. I wear swim trunks, a hoodie and winter hat while I'm doing it!

    Anyway, hope you feel better. Shin splints suck. I had those for a while until I went to a running store and got fitted for the right pair of running shoes.


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    You can alternate hot and cold as well. Cold for ten then heat for ten. It is suppose to be better than either exclusively. It is not as pleasant though
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    Jimmy, I used to have terrible shin splints when I was running in high school (ultimately caused me to give up running). The coach would have me walk around barefoot in the sand on the outside edges of my feet. I think the idea was that it would help to strengthen all the support muscle groups from the knee down. Maybe worth a try.

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    Ice immediately after an injury keeps the swelling down which is also damage in the long run. Alternate after that, heat then cold to relive pain.
    I have never had to do this but remember from a class I took from a pro athlete trainer on sports (or work) related back and muscle injuries. The 1 take away from that class that has seemed to serve me well is , stretch when you get up in the morning. I practice this religiously.

    Forgot to mention: Yes, your too old to be chasing those young women down the road :<0)
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    Glad your feeling better Jimmy..


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    Quote Originally Posted by RezDog View Post
    You can alternate hot and cold as well. Cold for ten then heat for ten. It is suppose to be better than either exclusively. It is not as pleasant though
    Exactly what a therapist told me.

    Another method.
    Freeze water in styrofoam cups. Peel off upper layer and rub the ice directly on the spot. IIRC, there are three stages to this.

    Cold Burn Numb

    Just go for 15 to 20 minutes and then let it recover for same time period. The result is increase/decrease in blood flow. Worked for me. YMMV
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    Bags of frozen peas work really well as low-cost ice packs that confirm really nicely to the shape of one's injured bits. Just make sure you remember which ones are for therapeutic use unless you want to eat peas that have thawed/frozen many times.
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