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Busch, Otto "Weltmeister" Other

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Manufacturer| Busch, Otto
Region| Solingen, Germany
Date| About 49 yrs, old
Size| Other
Point| French (Oblique)
Shoulder| 1 stabilizer
Jimps| Lower
Scales| Celluloid
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Busch, Otto
Model Weltmeister
Region Solingen, Germany
Date About 49 yrs, old
Grind Full Hollow
Size Other
Point French (Oblique)
Shoulder 1 stabilizer
Spine Decoration none
Jimps Lower
Scales Celluloid
Steel Carbon
Image Midgetwelt.jpg

The blade is 1.3 cm in width(0.51 in), 5 cm in length(1.97 in) and 13.5 cm closed(5.31 in). It's about 40 years old and is made identical to any other regular size razor.

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