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The World of Straight Razor Shaving (DVD)

"The World of Straight Razor Shaving" is a DVD by Lynn Abrams, long time straight razor shaver and one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject.


The 3 1/2 hour DVD consists of eight sections of great straight razor information including hones and honing, strops and stropping, shaving demo (hot towel), an intro to mugs, soaps and brushes, eBay buying, cleaning razors, minor restoration including a dremel demo, great resources including books, what to look for in buying a razor, eBay questions, great razors including part of Lynn's collection and a whole bunch of good information.

You will likely find this DVD to be the most important "tool" in your shaving kit!

Where to order

It can be ordered from a number of sources such as Straight Razor Designs, Classic Shaving, Vintage Blades, or directly from Lynn Abrams.

Sample video sequences

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