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» Weck, E & Co "Orderly Razor" 5/8
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Weck, E & Co "Orderly Razor" 5/8

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Manufacturer| Weck, E. & Co.
Region| Brooklyn, NY
Date| mid1930s - 1980s
Size| 5/8
Point| Square
Shoulder| other
Jimps| Lower
Scales| Stainless Steel
Steel| Carbon


Manufacturer Weck, E. & Co.
Model Orderly Razor
Region Brooklyn, NY
Date mid1930s - 1980s
Grind Frameback
Size 5/8
Point Square
Shoulder other
Spine Decoration none
Jimps Lower
Scales Stainless Steel
Steel Carbon
Image Weck Orderly Razor.JPG

This razor was easily sterilized and widely used in hospitals and military medical facilities. Many are found with Army or Navy designations on the scales.

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