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    Question Col Conk strops?

    Hi folks: I have decided I want to start shaving with a straight, and right now I have a razor. And that is all. I will need a strop as one of the many awesome accessories I will be buying, and I wanted to know your opinions of the Col Conk strop -- I am certain it is nothing like Tony's, but I figure I'd rather learn on something functional but cheap, and save my pennies for a real Strop (notice the capital 's') after I'm done figuring out how not to shave my strop before my face. The Conk strop seems awfully short, so I was wondering if it even meets the single criterion of "functional" -- anyone have an opinion on these things?

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    I haven't used a Col. Conk strop, but I did get a cheap strop to start off and it helped me learn some bad habits.

    You might consider getting one of Tony's beginner strops, which are only around $20.

    Welcome to this magnificent obsession.


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    If you're anticipating getting one of Tony's higher end numbers anyway, you might consider going ahead and pulling the trigger on that one, and he will ship a free trainer-strop (that is completely functional in every way) to practice on -

    -just a thought


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