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    Default Straight Razor Head Shaving: How often do you CrOx

    Hi all,

    I'm new to SRP and also new to Straight Razor Shaving. As soon as I tried it I was hooked! I've been shaving my head for nearly 20 years with a cartridge razor, so naturally I decided to take the straight to my head. Needless to say, it was an awesome experience and I can't see myself ever going back to the cartridges.

    My question is for anyone who has experience with head shaving using a str8t. I strop (leather) before each shave but I was wondering approximately how long you go between head shaves (I also shave my face with the same blade at the same time) before you strop with chromium oxide paste?

    I know people say when the blade feels dull, but I don't have the experience yet to make that judgement call. Can you damage an edge by using CrOx too often?

    Just wondering what some head shavers actually do when it comes to maintenance.


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    I've been pondering the same thing. I was considering some CrOx for the felt side of my strop and leaving the leather side "naked"
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    A lot of variables. I would say it depends on the blade being used, technique, the coarseness and quantity of hair among other things. With any razor, as it dulls there will be more pulling and less smooth a shave. When you reach that point it would be time to touch up the blade. I don't shave my head but have noticed that some of my razors last longer than others before they need touch ups.
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