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    Default Tony #1 Heirloom

    I managed to restrain myself for 6 weeks, using the free starter strop to learn proper stropping (proper meaning not slicing the strop).
    But I finally used my 3" wide honey brown #1 heirloom.

    The starter strop is a good strop and it gave good results, so I almost started thinking: 'maybe I should've bought a cheaper TM'

    What a difference...

    The feeling is totally different. I would almost say: stropping on velvet.
    I am still convinced that the starter strop suffices, but the #1 is truly a work of art.
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    Yeah, I am going to have to get me one of those some time. I have a #3 honey brown. It is a good strop, but I learned on it, and I nicked it up a bit . Some day, when I have some more money to blow on this, I will get another strop, but for now the #3 works well.

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