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Thread: To strop or not to strop. (Howard Schechter) Videos

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    Reminds me of a guy, may have been on another shaving forum, who says he prefers lathering without a shaving brush. If that works for him, more power too him, but I'm sticking with the brush, and I'm going to continue stropping my razors. That is what works for me.
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    I finish on a Suehiro 20k, and I tried on one occasion shaving directly after honing, and whilst shaved acceptably, it felt a bit harsh. Over the last 6 Months I changed to Kanayama strops. I have never thought it possible to over-strop, and I stick to that opinion. My routine with the #70000 is 20 laps on the canvas, 30 on the suede and 100 on the Cordovan leather. Can't speak highly enough of the shaves.

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    Just Strop.

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    I finished a carbon steel knife on a Suita stone a few weeks ago. I TPT-ed the edge and I felt it was biting, similar to a freshly set bevel on a razor, after 1K. I stropped that knife, and the bite was almost gone. I repeated that exercise, because I was using the knife and dulled it, checked again, same again.

    I cannot imagine not stropping, but then again, I am not able to reproduce the scenario in question here. All I can say is, the strop always helps in my case. I often try the edge on my face after the finishing stone, and it's never as good as the stropped edge.

    I have also not experienced any such thing as an overstropped razor. I am making some strops now and I used a single shave-ready razor to test the leather. Must have stropped that blade a 1000 times over in a single day, then I shaved with it. That was a very good shave, indeed.
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