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Thread: Kanayama Strop Care

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcrideshd View Post
    See now that is what I was saying,, just strop away, I know just about any strop that has a good surface does the job, but if you like slick that Kanayama is the ticket and I believe if you like it better you will be more confident and consistent with your stropping, my Kanayama is my favorite, right ahead of a NM shell. Tc
    Well not that I need more strops but have been chatting with Alastair at Westholme for the past couple months and he is sending me a Shell, Spanish HH and Roo strops to try, don't plan on adding 3 more but will get to strop on all 3 and pick the one I want to keep, supposedly he shell strops are the bomb, I only have one beater strop and the rest have no cut's or brusies but if it happens at some point I just need to move on as it's only leather.
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    I think you'll like the Roo strop, they are fast like the Kanayama. But are different in feel.
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    Westholme strops are really nice, I will buy one sometime I,m sure cause I just can't seem to keep my self imposed buying embargo. But with the strops I have I,m really already into the realm of greatness. You won't go wrong, I had a Roo strop form SRD it was really fast but a different feel. I liked it but have since gave it away to someone who was in a need. I'd stick with the shell if it was me. Tc
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