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Thread: Travel question

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcrideshd View Post
    I wear a paracord bracelet so I always have a way to hang my strop that I travel with, or the quick ties that Hirlau put me onto. So no bg deal, you can always poke a hinge pin up a little to hook your strop on to. Tc
    Great idea.

    I think this is a sign that you have spent to many nights bored in a motel room.
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    There have years that I spent 250+ days n a hotel, so your right. At one time I had enough free nights that I was giving them to family, I still travel to the meets on free nights. Tc
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    I often sit in a chair or on the bed, cross my legs, and hook the end of the strop onto my foot with a loop of cord, when I can't find a good place to hang it.
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