I haven't posted a thread in a while do to the fact so much has been going on this summer and some deaths of friends and family and building a home, bad year all I've been able to post is about the strops. any way enough with the misery and on with the fun. I've been wanting to contribute without repeating any previous threads and provide something new to the forum so here it is.

Some may know of this already I didn't find anything in the archives.

A friend gave me this recipe after I saw his strops he uses for wood carving it works beautifully. Heat and add .5 micron Cr02 powder in neats foot oil until it is the consistency of Vaseline don't over heat it needs only to be warm enough to be absorbed by the oil. After it has cooled add glycerin the amount should be a third of the volume of the neats foot and Cr02. Then smear and work in this preparation into the leather surface with a small scrap piece of leather using the smooth side.

I did this using a teaspoon of neats foot and still have enough left.
Hope you find this good stuff.