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    Default Just ordered KenRup's Paladin

    Well.. it looks amazing. Does anybody have any experience with it? I went all out and got the canvas, 3" horsehide, pretreated, D-rings, etc.

    A good deal.

    I'm excited to finally have a top-end strop. I had been using the Filly, also from Ken, which is a great starter strop at 20 bucks. It hasn't done me wrong one bit.

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    +1 on the filly. As a newcomer, I spent a lot of time reading on this board and others about strops and found myself in a bit of decisional paralysis, really. Tony Miller has a practice strop, but evidently only if you spent over $65 on one of the premium strops.

    Someone finally told me to get a filly, which was $20 shipped. Can't beat it. Of course I've nicked it, but no tears because the investment is the cost of a single dinner. Plus, I took 1k grit sandpaper and got rid of the nicks anyway. It's working for me . . .would love to hear how Ken's other strops work out.

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