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    Default Curious about Pumice stone?

    I couldn't find any sort of thread on the "mysteries" behind using a pumice stone. So I searched a lot, not being familiar with pumice myself.

    One of the most important things, that I gathered, is to get a very fine pumice stone i.e. the smaller the pores on the stone the better.
    using a pumice stone

    breaking in a strop with a pumice stone
    Breaking in a strop
    Breaking in a New Strop.

    Restoring/ Reviving Strops with Pumice Stone
    Pumice stone for resurfacing
    Smoothing out the rough side of a strop.
    Strop damage
    pumice stone on a hanging strop
    Is this strop usable, or restoreable?
    Restoring a vintage strop
    reconditioning old stops
    Ruined strop?

    What is a "Russian" strop?

    Smooth or rough strop?

    Hope this helps someone oneday...


    tags: pumus, how to use a pumice stone, using a pumice stone, what is a pumice stone, smooth strop or rough or suede strop, Russian leather strop, breaking in a strop with a pumice stone, what is the pumice stone used for?

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    Thank you! This is a great thread.

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    Pumice of course is a volcanic rock and it comes in all forms. Much of it is suitable to put in your garden but not for use with a strop. You have to look for the really fine stuff which isn't always as easy to find though most beauty supply stores have them as do many shaving sites.
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