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    Default "Off-hand" stropping

    Many moons ago, I injured my right hand/arm and spent
    quite a long time in a cast/brace, so I had to learn to do
    most things with my left ("off") hand...including shaving
    with a straight.

    Some days, this old injury still gives me fits, and today
    was one of those days. As I was stropping my razor,
    with my right hand, it just wasn't working. So, I decided
    to try it with my left hand.

    I was gratified to discover that there is a good
    "transference" of the skill to the off hand. I had to go
    a bit slower, but after a few strokes I was satisfied with
    the result.

    In fact, I think I did a better job of it using the left
    hand, as compared to what I was doing with the
    buggered up right hand.

    I intend to practice this "off-hand" stropping more
    in the future.
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    Good discovery.

    For myself it seems to be good practice to switch hands occasionally when practicing any skill (safely of course)

    Stropping with either hand can be helpful too when you need to hang your strop in a location where you need to stand on the side opposite you might be used to. Honing with either hand can also be helpful if you are OCD and want your hone to swarf up symmetrically Try that one on for size, Glen
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