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Thread: how to strop a filarmonica smile?

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    I would be happy to hone it for you. I'm in a funk as of late, and enjoy taking on a challenge to cheer myself. I'm no Holli4pirating, of Gssixgun, but I like to think I am fairly accomplished on the stones.
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    Here are more images as promised:

    Name:  20120304-121028-_DSC2371.jpg
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Size:  20.3 KBName:  20120304-120346-_DSC2369.jpg
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Size:  20.1 KBName:  20120304-122057-_DSC2374.jpg
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Size:  18.7 KBName:  20120304-122415-_DSC2376.jpg
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    These images probably got resized much smaller.

    Here's a link to the full size ones:

    Thanks Magpie for your offer. The problem with getting it honed is postage to India. It will cost at least $25 to send and get it back by registered post (everything unregistered goes missing here).

    edit: adding close up of the edges:
    Name:  20120304-123302-_DSC2381.jpg
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    Name:  20120304-122415-_DSC2376.jpg
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    (placed on glass, not all of the edge touches the glass. It used to touch even less at the toe and heel before my inept honing.)
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    You need to make contact with the whole edge so adjusting your strokes to compensate is the only way.
    Maybe this helps ? Rolling X stroke - Straight Razor Place Wiki
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    If I send one of my razors in need of honing to a guy here locally (who is not so great) it would cost me around 25$ with postage. So spending a 25 to get it professionaly honed sounds like a sweet deal to me. I understand that you have no money, but unfortunately there are no free rides, at least as wetshaving hobby goes.

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