This is a newbie question i think so i'm sorry if this was asked before. I tried to use the search but the words paddle and strop gave me too much hits so i hope this is ok.

I recently stumbled upon this strop (Exchangable Paddle Strop)

RasurPur Online Store - The Finest Tools For A Perfect Shave under Straight Razor Accessories > Strops. Right now i am using the cheap strop kit from Larry (Whippeddog) and i am looking to buy my first *real* strop.

Just to make it clear, i am looking for a strop for daily stropping. Not one to use with pastes or anything.

The website says

The blacks takes in any paste you want and the fine one is for daily stropping or one of your very fine diamond pastes.
And of course you can use the strop without any pastes at all.
This strop is excellent for general stropping.
My question is. If i want a strop for daily stropping (canvas/leather) is this exchangeable paddle strop really a full and good replacement? Will the black cow leather work just as fine as canvas on a hanging strop?

Anyone here using it for daily stropping?

Just wondering this because it seemed like a handy strop to get maybe instead of a hanging strop with canvas and leather.

Again sorry if this has been asked before