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Thread: Suggestions for new strop help

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    Default Suggestions for new strop help

    Getting my W&B razor restored and I am in need of a strop and wanted to ask you guys for your opinions since I haven't done to much research.
    price range 5-50$ preferably can go over though if there is a really good bang for the buck
    wanting the width to be 2.5"-3" (also not a paddled type strop)
    Stones I have for honing norton 4k/8k and nanawi 12k (.5 micron chromium oxide spray from previous set up not sure if I will use it any though)

    what would you guys suggest?

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    I would check out Straight Razor Designs; top quality strops by knowledgeable pros at very reasonable prices.
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    +1 to what DoughBoy said, quality strops for sure. I own one and am very happy with it
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    in that price range you are asking a heckalot. luckily there is tony miller. i think his plain chocolate strop still might come in at right around that price. and its all the bang (quality) - without the buck (expense).

    highly recommend. i now have strops from most quality providers and tonys plain chocolate was the first strop i bought and i still use it almost daily.

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    I do believe T. Miller has the chocolate strops currently available online (they aren't always).. just around $50. Also the SRD strops are great. I own a few of each. The SRD modular paddle strop is a nice beginners option since you can replace the leather pads if you cut it by accident.
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    Just looked at Tony Miller...$55 for the chocolate strop. Money well spent I would suspect...and he has them in stock. I would suggest the 3" width.

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    I'll be the odd man out. SRD strops are great, I'm currently using a Buffalo strop from them and couldn't be happier with it.

    But I started out with an Illinois 127 strop. And the only thing that I dislike about it is the dinky little clip it's supposed to hang from. That's not a big deal though, if it bothered me that much I would've swapped it out with something stouter by now.

    The Illinois strop is a little cheaper at $40. But perfectly functional, and an OK place to start.

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