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Thread: Illinois 827 or 127?

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    Default Illinois 827 or 127?

    Having a problem choosing between the Illinois 827 and 127. Both seem to be very popular and this will be my second strop as my (learner) whipped dog poormans strop needs replacing. Thanks for any help.
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    Both are good strops. The Russian may be a bit thicker of material and a bit stiffer.
    A 127 was my learner and is still in my possession.
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    The 827 for me. Its made for heavier grinds yet can be used for full hollows. Its cut resistant, impossible to mess it up with nicks or cuts to the leather because of how its made so its beginner friendly. The Illinois linen I like a lot because its so stiff and hard and really seems to clean the edge up effectively. Glen, gssixgun shared the perfect way to keep the Russian treated leather dressed. Take an oil , like neats foot or another and wipe the leather down with your hand or a rag occasionally. This has worked for mine and should be done when you receive the strop. I've owned a 127 but found the leather too stiff . The 827 I've had for years now and count it as a good utilitarian strop . I've sold my quality vintage strops but my 827 along side my SRD's strops work for me well.
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    I have a 206 it works well for me, so I can't say one way or the other for the 827 or 127.
    Keep us informed on what choice you make and how you like it.

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    I've used a 127 for years now. It seems to work well, and the price when I originally bought it was quite reasonable.
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    I'd say yes to a 127 any day of the week.

    They just plain work.

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