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Thread: loom strop: pre-pasted or not?

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    Default loom strop: pre-pasted or not?

    I'm looking to buy my first strop and as I don't have a good place to hang a hanging strop I decided on buying a loom strop.

    The only one that's easily available to me is the Herold Solingen one, which has 3 variations; 2 clean sides or one side clean and the other pre-pasted with either green or red paste.
    Here's an example of one pre-pasted with red paste:
    According to the description, red has particles between 2 and 4 micron in size, green around 6 micron. This seems a bit large compared to what's normally adviced around here (0.5-1 micron).

    As I don't have any stones, I was wondering if the red or green paste would work well to refresh the edge or if I'm better off buying the non-prepasted version and buying paste separately with smaller size particles?

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    Hi, Welcome to SRP. A lot of info in the Beginner's section and the rest of the Library.
    To answer your question, I do have a Herrold strop as shown. Mine has the Rouge(red) on one side and Crox(green) on the other. I finish on linen and leather of a vintage strop. The Illinois strops available are fair value for the money and are good beginners' strops. There are others.
    Stropping is a skill developed, unfortunately by learning from our mistakes. So, an inexpensive strop is a good choice.

    Seeing that you are from Belgium, you might check the Benelux section of this forum for a person nearby to your location.
    Enjoy your journey!
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    if a loom strop is what you want then they are a great strop type, but come on now, no good place to hang one, that's impossible. a homeless man on the street has a place to hang a strop (on his shopping cart). hang it on your hinge pin on the door, hang it from the dresser drawer handle,, hang it from the toilet handle! but it can hang anywhere. probably going to hang your loom up so its protected. Tc
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    I have the herold strop and yes it is an option for razor refresh if you wish to do so. Be advised if it comes pre pasted with the green paste it is not chromium oxide but a green colored paste that has a grit of 6 micron same as the dovo green paste that comes in tubes. the red paste is 3 micron. My personal set up has the red on one side and chromium oxide pasted by me on the other. I found this strop too small for regular leather stropping duties and dedicated to refresh duties. If you like pastes it works a treat and will keep you razor tuned and ready to go.
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