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    Default Heeelp with Strop

    Hello yet again As some of you might know I own a "BIG DADDY" English Bridle Stop well at last I have joined the club N.T.S.C. Now with these nicks have been told to use glue Pummy stone and then Neat foot oil this correct ?if so do i glue down the nicks do i then go over with the pummy stone where the damaged nicks are then go over the whole strop with this neat foot oil if so how many times do i put this oil on? also on the back part of this strop is what feels like felt. Now also been told that i should use this every few days then someone said you use it every day before and after stropping then yet again someone told don't use a felt strop at all but either cotton, Linen or Silk I am now totally confused ( I thought silk would been torn to shreds I have included photos of the damage. I will say one thing about this straight razor strop etc collecting it is rather catching ant it !. I have been also told by the experts to try a Roo strop and a Premium strop from "Straight Razor Design" the roo one is easy enough but the Premium you have No1 No2 Latigo Buffalo Which one do you chose ????? and then you got the second strop Rock Hard Wool,Webbed, Premium fabric HEEEELLLP Please " I AM GOING NUTS!! Name:  IMG_1598.jpg
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    If it were me I probably wouldn't worry about gluing down those leather flaps. They don't seem big enough to warrant it from the pics. I'd think about carefully cutting any loose flaps of leather off, and then lightly pumicing the strop.

    However, you might be surprised just how manky a strop can be and still work effectively. As long as there are no jarring bumps or cuts, things are generally OK. You should see one of my vintage strops - makes yours look like band new.

    Anyway, lightly sand or pumice, and then spend some time inspecting it for any grit contamination before treating it with leather conditioner.

    Good luck.

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    Here is the one strop I have been using since I started straight shaving 1 year ago. It has a strip of English bridle leather and a strip of hard felt. I strop before every shave, 20 on felt and 60 on leather. You can see where I have nicked up the bridle leather and repaired it by gluing down some flaps with crazy glue (the dark spots) and just sanded the rest with pumice stone. I did lightly go over the glued flaps with the pumice stone too. In the one year I have oiled the strop once with Neats foot oil by putting a couple of drops on my hand and rubbing the entire leather portion of the strop down. You don't soak the leather i oil.


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