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Thread: The new vendor / classifieds program

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    Default The new vendor / classifieds program

    SRP rules for sales and advertising

    There are 2 sets of rules governing sales and advertising on SRP: classifieds rules and vendor rules.
    The classifieds system is meant for all members to buy and sell shaving gear. This includes both vendors and regular members.
    The vendor program is an additional set of rules governing sales and advertising for people who are performing sales as a commercial venture.

    Vendor program
    This section outlines the benefits and requirements of the SRP vendor program.
    Program outline
    • The vendor program is open to anyone willing to be a vendor, with a possible veto from Lynn or Don.
    • There is a fixed fee for becoming a vendor. This fee is 100$. Displaying a banner and getting a vendor subforum is another 50$.
    • Forum participation or contribution to the site are not alternative means into the vendor program since there is no meaningful way to define them.
    • The details about the vendor’s modus operandi is irrelevant. Whether the store is brick and mortar, a website, or a simple facebook page does not matter towards eligibility.

    As far as the site goes, there are the following benefits:
    • Having banners / advertising displayed.
    • You get to subimt an article to the site, introducing your business. This article will be posted on the main site.
    • You get a vendor blog where you get to post articles about anything related to your shaving business

    The forum enables the following benefits:
    • The user title and signature may contain advertising or company logo.
    • The signature line may contain a link to their website / storefront if any.
    • Enable a messagebox containing maximum 500 messages.
    • Allow public advertising and posting for sale items in the SRP vendor forum. Inside the vendor forum, a vendor may post advertising, materials for sale, etc in the thread dedicated to them (1 Thread per vendor). The rest of the forum is offlimits for sales and advertising except as allowed by the classifieds or by the fact that their sig line contains a link or such.
    • Enable a personal subforum underneath the vendor forum, where the vendors can start new threads as much as they want.
    • The vendor badge
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