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    Default A Pleasant Valley Shave

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    Very cool video. I wish there was less of the customers talking.

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    Default A Pleasant Valley Shave

    Hello, Slartibartfast:

    What a sweet barbershop video. It's a delightful mini-documentary.

    The barber's calm and intimate narration, the various bits of conversation dropping in and out, the actual lathering and shaving, everything ties in together so nicely to create a conducive old time barbershop mood. I can even smell the Pinaud. And that Delta-style bluesy guitar floating on the bottom spikes the delicious atmosphere.

    That is great work. I love it, and have watched numerous times this afternoon. Thanks for coming up with it.



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    awesome! This is the place where I go now to get a shave and a haircut every few weeks or so (going again this coming Tuesday). Found out about the place through the video; I'd been looking around for more local Colorado Springs barbershops that did shaves. (the comments on the youtube page by "Kenta455" are mine).

    Roy is great, the routine he has for the shaves is pretty good; the video doesn't show a whole lot of that, but he applies hot towels (two at once) and then pre-shave lotion, more towels, lather, more towels, the shave, more towels, and after shave stuff. And the cost is only 15 dollars plus tip. Definitly the best value I've ever seen on a shave. I've had one that was 25+ at another shop that wasn't that involved. Highly recommended. The only thing I found a little strange was he uses paper towels around your collar instead of a normal towel.

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    I think there is still a place in Oakhurst that does a straight shave... I may have to check that one out

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