I needed to R&R my front tire on my Harley so the brake caliper needed to be removed. In the past I'd just loosened the master cylinder's cover and used my fingers to press the piston back a bit but this time I needed to do more that that. I have the chrome and gold Ride to Live Live to Ride trim and I didn't want to bugger it up when I used a C-clamp so I made a modification to one of my C-clamps and it's now a specialty tool.

I cleaned the surface of the piece that's on the end of the threads up with acetone and then sanded and buffed the surface. I used a socket that was just slightly larger in diameter and traced the pattern on a scrap piece of 1/8" leather. Then a thin coat of Barge contact cement which was allowed to dry and a second coat was applied and when dried the leather was clamped well and allowed to setup for an hour.

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I will confess to not planning far enough ahead as after the leather piece was secure I went ahead and cleaned up the threads really well, I also straightened the rod used to tighten and use some Kroil Oil to de-rust where the ball turns along with the female threads in the C-clamp and once well de-oiled (except for a light coat of Ballistol in the ball area) all work great!

So it's now stored away from the other C-clamps ready for it's next use on the brakes of my Harley.