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Thread: Alpha Knife Supply buying

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    I definitely agree. USAknifemaker is just perfect. Jantz supplies and Texas knife supplies have also always been nice and competent. Not so with Alpha Knife Supplies (very strange unpleasnat emails...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeness View Post
    Is someone here who bought from them before, and is willing to recommend me to them?
    I can help you with this if you like, but as most of the comments before this has stated... you're probably better off going elsewhere. I haven't had the bad customer service there that other folks have said they have had. but if they're making it that hard just to get an account with them, just imagine if you had an issue with your order...
    All that said, I've used them and have been happy with the material and selection.

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    I have bought from AKS and had dealings with them in the past, they have always been good to deal with and resolved issues in a business like manner. It has been a while since I did any business with them, but in the past they have always been amicable.

    I have also had good luck with USA Knife Maker and Jantz.

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    After the short brek-in period I was also perfectly satisfied with them. They have a good selection, good prices, and some stuff others dont have. One big plus, that they have usually a lot of stuff in stock. I rarely had a problem like with other webshops, that I wanted to buy various stuff, and 30% of them were never in stock when I tried to buy. For those who are located in the US this is not as big of a problem, but I want to spend ~100$ shipping as seldom as I have to

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    Quote Originally Posted by damascus63 View Post
    My personal experience with them is so bad (rude messages (!!!), no advice) that it is better to look elsewhere. It is in fact difficult to find a worse supplier even if the materials are OK.
    One of my experiences with them was when they were selling stag carvers. I was concerned about buying from pictures on the internet, so Chuck sent my like 15 pieces and said send back any that I didn't want and he would charge my card for the ones that I kept. He paid for the shipping out and I paid for shipping the ones that went back. You don't see customer service like that very often. The only reason that I don't use them much now is that they no longer sell stag and I don't use titanium and have enough blade steel and fancy wood on hand to sink a barge. Most of what I buy these days are things like handle bolts, small pieces of G-10 or Micarta and abrasives. I get those from Jantz, USA Knifemaker and Pops. When I need more steel, I will buy it from Chuck or Aldo, depending on who has what I need and the best price.

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