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Thread: Welcome to the Workshop: How do I / Where do I / What do I / answers are here

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    Default Welcome to the Workshop: How do I / Where do I / What do I / answers are here

    Welcome to the restoration forum.
    This place is dedicated to everything related to restoring straight razors.
    It is managed and maintained by Gssixgun and Maximilan. If you have any remarks about this place, feel free to PM either one or both of us.

    This thread is also meant to be an index of the information that should be easily accessible to all restorers.

    If you want to add info to the index in this thread, Please PM either Max or Glen with a link to the thread that we should look at....


    Cleaning & Polishing:

    Handsanding howto - Straight Razor Place Forums

    (New?) Hand Sanding Technique

    Sanding Gun

    low budget grinder - Straight Razor Place Forums

    New 1/2" sanding mandrel tutorial. - Straight Razor Place Forums

    Using a Vibratory Tumbler to polish a razor

    A few questions about greaseless compounds

    Walking a razor though the buffing wheels

    Polish materials info

    Scale Making Tips:

    Nuts and Bolts and Washers oh my From Microfasteners...

    Scale Building Tip - Centering the razor

    How I make scales...step by step - Straight Razor Place Forums

    One Piece Scales - Problems and Solutions

    Illustrated Guide to making a Lined Wedge

    Step by step creation of a fancy lined wedge

    You Can Make A Wedge! The Icedog Method

    Scale Repair 201 - or slightly more advanced

    Matching up scale halves

    Making a set of horn scales by hand.

    Easy Scale Fitting... Tip from the Bench

    CA-Super Glue, Finishing Hints and Tips

    Scale holders for finishes

    Quick/easy stand for finishing scales

    Illustrated Guide to Fixing Warped Scales..

    Fusion Scale Making Thread and links

    Total "Reaper" Restores Floppyshoes/GsSixgun

    How to adjust for a razor that hits the scales

    Wedges easy, quick, accurate

    A start to finish restore:

    Start to Finish Razor Restore !!!!

    Epoxy resin finish, the how to:

    Epoxy resin finish, the how to - Straight Razor Place Forums

    How to pin / unpin scales:

    Drilling out pins

    Nuts and Bolts and Washers oh my From Microfasteners...

    Advice on Pins

    Razor Peening Tips for Beginners

    How do you pin scales? - Straight Razor Place Forums

    An Illustrated Guide to Un-pinning and Re-pinning

    Flush Cutter - Pin removal method !!!

    Brass & Nickel Silver Rods for pins

    Making Bearing/thrust washers for razors

    Vintage style Thrust/Bearing Internal Washers

    Buffing pins and washers

    Some tricks to popping pins out...

    Sleeving a Pivot Hole:

    The Illustrated Guide to Sleeving an Oversized Pivot...

    Adjustable pins:

    As requested... Adjustable Pins! - Straight Razor Place Forums

    Where to find those Hexhead custom screws

    Gold Plating:

    WIP: DD Goldedge Replating/Restoration

    Actual videos of restoration stuff...

    Video: Razor repairs

    Pinning Video

    Video: Straight Razor Restoration: Start to Finish

    Straight Razor Pinning 101 (Videos)

    scale making video, G10

    Sources of material

    Pins, washers and screws
    Micro Fasteners - Hobbyists Source - Locknuts - Washers - Machine Screws - Fasteners - Rivets - Wood Screws If you want the wrench for the 1/16 nuts'n bolts, ask for part #WR0/ $4.50 in the comment field of your order.

    Lee Valley Tools - Woodworking Tools, Gardening Tools, Hardware Designer Knife Kits - Knife Making Supplies - Sheath and Holster Making Supplies
    Custom Knives, Knives, Knife Parts, Gems, Jewelry
    Metalliferous for sterling silver rods and other things
    Buffing / polishing supplies
    Buffing Polishing Supplies Buffing Wheels Compound Polishing Aluminum Polishing Kit - Caswell Inc.
    Gunsmithing - Shop Gunsmithing Tools & Supplies at MidwayUSA
    Matchless Compounds -

    What are the most used tools for restoration....

    Scale materials:

    Exotic Wood Exotic Wood, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple & Tiger Maple | Bell Forest Products

    Monster 1 x 6 Inch Acrylic Blanks

    Clear and Smoked Acrylic sheets Delvie's Plastics Inc.: Transparent Plexiglass

    In Canada???

    External resources

    Happy restoration!
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    Guys, I am leaving Bruno's very informative welcome to the Workshop Forum Letter up as there are many great links in there that are still spot on....

    I do however now want to direct you to our very own section of the Wiki

    Category:Repair & Restoration - Straight Razor Place Wiki

    Where you will find a growing number of Entries and even Video's of How To's for your restoration needs...

    Please feel free to PM Gssixgun or Maximilian with any concerns with the Workshop Forum....

    Keep in the back of your mind the the Restoration Chat is well into it's 2nd year on Tuesday night 8:00pm in the chat room....

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    Default Discussion of Prices !!!

    Gentlemen & Ladies (now)
    Since we have been experiencing a huge growth in the last year of SRP
    I thought I better post an addition to the Workshop forum guidelines....

    We Don't condone the discussion of prices whether it be the price that you should pay for a razor on e-bay or the price that it would cost to restore said razor....... Please keep these discussions to PM's or Emails not in the threads on the open forum... This is just SRP etiquette it is not written in the rules so it has been a little confusing....

    Most all of us that do Restoration/Honing are listed here in the classifieds many of us have our e-mail and websites listed also...

    Member Services - Straight Razor Place Classifieds

    Still confused ???? Feel free to PM a MOD,,, Any of us will be more than happy to point you in the right direction...

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    I have updated the Workshop Sticky with a multitude of threads that pertain to what we do here in the Workshop ... I know there are more out there so please PM me or Max with the links and we will get them in the sticky

    Thank you in advance

    Max and Glen the Restoraholics

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