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Thread: Scale Building Tip - Centering the razor

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    This thread posted last month has more discussion on the topic

    How to rescale a twisted/warped blade?

    I do the same thing glen does in his first post here before I start the scales.

    One of my concerns with "creative pinning" (drilling 5/64 + pinning with "play") is that there is a chance over time that things could move around.. I had this happen a couple times.. pinned it, it was centered... a few months down the road, it wasn't..
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    Quote Originally Posted by gssixgun View Post
    Yes and no

    The Dovo pins are limited because they are one sided,, ie: they are only tightened from the back side and some Dovos have glued wedges so the actual movement for a Dovo is minimal because you basically are trying to use 1 point out of 4...

    Hope that makes a bit of sense
    Yes that does make since as I have a dovo that is off center and I would have to work on the flat side of the pin to fix it so it's just going to get a repinning soon anyway now that I've done it. It will be good practice for future restores as I'm not real fond of it anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelfixed View Post
    Yes,tap on the side you want to move the blade
    awesome! I have some blades to center that I thought I had messed up on somehow...

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    I've made two sets of razor scales. No expert at all. The second set I glued the end of the razor with the spacer between the scales. I didn't want a pin there. I had not shaped anything. After the glue dried I put the razor in the handle (screw and pin) and when I closed it the blade was off enough for the toe of the edge to hit the scale. I was pushing on the side of the handle when the glue let go on one side of the spacer. This allowed the scales to move and then the blade was centered between them. I squeezed the scales together and clamped them. I drilled a hole in the end of the handle and used a pivot pin/screw to hold the end together. Then I shaped them and now the blade is centered perfectly.

    Of course this is with a new handle and I don't know if it works all the time. I may have just been lucky this time. On my next set I plan not to attach the end of the handle until after I put the blade in and tighten the pivot. I like to use a screw/pin instead of permanent pins. Easier to adjust or remove the blade in the future. I have never used permanent pins.

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