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    Default Olive wood for scales

    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to straight razor shaving, and this is my first post here. But I've always enjoyed working with my hands and wanted to see about making my own scales. I really want to make them out of olive wood and was hoping some of you would be able to show me where is a good source to buy from. I live in California would prefer California olive wood, and so far a preliminary search on the internet hasn't returned any results.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    -Shane W.

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    My goto source for almost all wood is this site

    Short Exotic Wood Blanks | Exotic Wood, Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Tiger Maple

    I buy the 1.5x1.5x6 and cut my own but they also have 1/8 inch planed sheets that they did for us razor guys too

    Here is a link to the Workshop sticky that has litterally everything you might want to know about working on razors and also sources of supplies

    Welcome to the Workshop: How do I / Where do I / What do I / answers are here

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    Wellcome to SRP Homie,try woodcrafters,They sell it for cheap but it is usually also wet,if you can slab it,clamp it in place for a few mos you can get some usable material.
    I do not like working with it myself, I find it to soft and pithey, but if you can find some that has been stabilized that may be the ticket.
    I have a slab that came from an orchard In Corning Calif,is almost dry but can use a couple more mos,pay the mailing only and I will cut and send a couple slabs,PM an addy if interested.

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    I've got several pieces of slab olive wood that I ordered from Bethlehem. Married it to a couple razors, one of which was stamped from Trinity works. Used it for a wedge in that one and some cedar from a tree that fell in a storm at our church. Gave the resulting razor to a pastor of a friend of mine.

    Another slab I made into scales themselves and put together into a straight for a friend's brother. Sanded them up well, and before assembly and finishing, my friend woodburned a message to his brother on the inside of the scales. (really cool birthday gift to get a razor with hand-personalized scales for your birthday, eh? Loved helping out with that) Per his request, I then finished the scales in CA and assembled.

    So yeah, olivewood can be done, and it smells good when you work with it!

    Edit: ooo! Re-read your question, and my post had nothing to do with answering it. Dang. Anyway, welcome!
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